How To Prepare Before The Bed Bug Job Begins


  1. Place all clothing, linens, shoes, coats, pillows, in large, clear plastic bags
  2. Take down all things hanging on walls such as clocks, picture frames, posters, etc
  3. All clothes and plush items should put into a HOT dryer for 1/2 hour
  4. Separate cleaned items from items that have not been checked or cleaned
  5. Personal belongings should remain in bags until they can be inspected
  6. Room should be emptied of all belongings, and floors vacuumed
  7. Buy and install certified “bed bug proof” covers for the mattress and box spring
  8. Non-porous furniture, floors, and walls should be washed with warm soapy water.
  9. Do not discard mattresses, furniture, clothing or other items!!

Preparation for Treatment

Notify you’re Arrow American Pest Control immediately if you have small children, elderly people, health compromised individuals, or pets in the household.

  • Place all clothing and linens in large, clear plastic bags
  • Plastic toys, books, electronics, should be bagged separately for inspection
  • Empty all drawers and closets into plastic bags, and place in the center of the room
  • The room should be empty of all clothing and plush items
  • Move furniture, and other items, at least 3 feet from the walls.
  • Have building staff remove outlet covers and switch plates on all walls
  • Make sure the pest control professional can get to all areas to inspect and treat
  • Cover fish tanks with towels or plastic
  • Rooms should appear as if you are packed and ready to move


The purpose of this checklist is to insure adequate preparation for a scent detection canine to enter your property and work with the greatest efficiency and accuracy as possible. Our list includes the most common distractions that we encounter in our work. There may be other distractions unique to your facility that we may not have listed here, although we may address them upon our canine’s arrival. Please help us by making your property as “dog friendly” and safe as possible.

  • Clean up food and crumbs in all rooms, especially on and under stuffed furniture, beds, and where floors and walls meet.
  • Pets should be removed and from living area, or locked in bathroom 1 hour prior to scent dog’s arrival
  • Pick up all snap traps, rodent baits, glue traps and poisons.
  • If the area has been treated with pesticides for bed bugs within the last 2 weeks, it is unsafe for the dog to walk through there. These rooms should be blocked off so the handler does not go in there.
  • Turn off all fans and blowers in the search areas 1 hour prior to scent dog’s arrival. Limited airflow will allow for a more accurate inspection.
  • Do not allow children to approach and greet the scent dog. At the handlers discretion they may be able to pet the dog after inspection is complete.
  • Clear as much clutter as possible from around the beds, stuffed furniture, closet floors and walkways. The dog should be able to get within 3 feet horizontally and 7 feet vertically of suspected areas fo the best inspection